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At last Sunday’s SASCA Autocross # 5 of 2009, Steven Johnson of FullSolo interviewed me about this blog I’ve been developing for the past year.  In addition, I talk about plans to grow the site in cooperation with FullSolo.

I would like to make a clarification about the information my blog site provides.  My blog’s appeal is greater than the autocross community.  I have information (& will be providing more) about HPDE (high performance driver education) events and road racing.  Of equal or greater importance, I want to address the necessity to “improve the nut behind the wheel before you wrench on the car”.

This is the text Steven used to introduce my video:

Interview with Dan Scanlon from Racing Ready

June 11, 2009
Dan Scanlon from talks about his blog site that can “take you from wannabe racer to successful racing competitor!”  Dan’s site just celebrated it’s 1 year anniversary and has become a must have for any autocross competitor.

What I said turned out to be pretty good – I am pleased!  Here’s the video…

My Racing Ready Manifesto outlined the original direction I wanted to take this blog.  I have recommitted to get back on that track (pun somewhat intended).  I am tasked to increase the awareness & understanding of educational racing opportunities & why it’s important.  Learning to be a better driver involves not only applying new skills & mastering their execution.  The state of your mind, our visualization of racing success is also very critical.  The largely untapped mental capacity we possess can be a great influence in the racing results we achieve.

So please, follow along with Steven Johnson of FullSolo to discover his autocross achievements & success, along with many others in the community.  As he & his site progresses, Racing Ready will be there to add a parallel point of view with additional insight.  Enjoy the ride, or better yet, the racing!


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