A Safe Bet, If It’s Speed You Need

An accessible sport for those who love driving fast!

At the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #5 I had mentioned that Ricardo, a reporter from the Austin American-Statesman newspaper, was very busy.

The result is this informative introduction to autocross just released yesterday.  Here’s the beginning of that article…

Buckling in the seat belt, I already feel well strapped in, but Bo Rivers pulls at my belt to make it a nudge tighter. My torso isn’t going anywhere, and a racing helmet is protecting my head. He points out a grab handle on the door.

“You ready?” Rivers asks.

Once the flag man gives the OK, we’re off in a burst toward a half-mile race course at the San Marcos Municipal Airport on an overcast but still bright May afternoon. Up ahead, after a short straightaway, are dozens of scattered orange traffic cones that raise the question: “How does he know where to go?” . . .

To follow the rest of this article, click here

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