Aussie Blogger Finally Gets His Miata/MX-5!

I have been a long time reader of Steve Wade’s (AKA Swade) Saabs United blog (ne: Trollhattan Saab).  It’s been a solid 2 years, plus.  During that time, 2+ years ago, I was conjuring up what would be the ideal car for my wants & needs.  All my research pointed me to Saab, specifically the 9-3 Sport Sedan, 5-speed model in Fusion Blue Metallic.

During my research I found Swade’s blog & I got hooked, reading it daily.  So hooked, that his blogging activity inspired me to start this blog, Racing Ready.  That’s one of the many reasons his blog is on my Blogroll.  I still don’t know how Swade finds the time to produce so many multiple entries daily.  He’s a prodigious & passionate writer about Saab!

If you’ve been reading Racing Ready for some time, you know I’m hot to purchase a Mazda Miata, most possibly a blue one in the ’94 to ’97 range.  I’m still working towards that goal.  Swade has just achieved that watermark, having taken delivery of a 1990 1.6 liter, Mariner Blue, RHD (he lives in Tasmania, Australia) model about a week & 1/2 ago.

Some might think I would be jealous.  On the contrary, I am very happy for him & glad to see that the Mazda Miata/MX-5 will have another qualified & vocal blogger supporting the brand, albeit from half-way across the world.

Congrats Swade – as you have stated in a recent e-mail:

The bar has been set!


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One thought on “Aussie Blogger Finally Gets His Miata/MX-5!”

  1. Wow. Thanks for the entry, Dan.

    Yeah, it’s been around two weeks now and I’m loving it. I had some problems with it running hot but a quick flush of the cooling system had it runing sweetly in no time.

    It sailed through the tests I had to get done to register it here, so it’s all nice and legal now.

    I’ve just spent a little on some bling for the interior as the car is bone stock right throughout (except the wheels, and deck spoiler, and hardtop) so that should make the inside a little more interesting to sit in.

    Next I have the decision about how to up the power – turbo or just the standard headers/exhaust/intake route.

    I love my turbos, but I’m not sure how much extra I want to pour into the car.

    You’re probably more experienced with these than I am, so you know how much fun they can be. As soon as circumstances permit, take the plunge.

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