Hotted Up Original Mini Up For Autocross

The resurgence of the Mini brand, through the care & feeding by mother BMW has been a great hit.  But have we forgotten the original Mini?

Pete is the owner of a vintage Mini (he’s thinks it’s from 1963, but the VIN says otherwise).  He brought this transmutated Mini to the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #5.  It’s quite a piece of work.  He purchased it about 1 year ago – the previous owner had done most of the conversion.  This Mini is his daily driver.  This event was Pete’s first autocross…

What was converted?  From the outside you can tell it’s not stock, but not by how much.  But a big surprise awaits once you pop the bonnet/hood.  There’s a big Acura Integra GSR V-TECH engine in there & boy does it perform!

I’m sure the flames paint job helps out, as well.  Below is a candid shot showing Pete’s “original” Mini with a version the new generation behind it.  This was at the recent Divisional-In-A-Day SASCA Autocross # 5 of 2009.

Racing Ready is intrigued with the selective mix of vintage with new.


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