Racers International Motorsports Connection

I was recently invited to participate in promoting a new website: RacersIMC.com.  It is set up to be a very extensive database designed to connect all forms of motorsports on one site. I checked it out & it is definitely worth a visit.

To get the most out of it, sign up – it’s free! RacersIMC.com

Here’s what they have to say as an introduction:

Connecting Together the Motorsports World!

The Racers International Motorsports Connection is changing the way the world of motorsports connects by globally networking motorsports related companies, drivers and teams together on one website.The RacersIMC.com website has created an Innovative way for U.S. and International drivers, teams, and motorsports related businesses to build, edit, and search profiles while connecting with others on one website. We are committed to bringing you the most informative and user friendly motorsport website on the internet. If it is motorsports related the RacersIMC.com will find a place for you.

I suggested they add a Motorsports Blog category in the Companies section and they agreed – it should be up soon!  Hopefully they will be adding an Autocross category on their Forum, as well…

Racing Ready is all about spreading the word about motorsports & providing good data.  I think The Racers International Motorsports Connection will be successful in getting the motorsports word well distributed!  Again, check it out…


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