Miata Optimizes Form & Function at Autocross

Seeing an older model car that has been well taken care of is always a pleasant experience & also an inspiration.  On top of that, if it is driven in occasional competition events, that’s even better!

Autocross events tend to feature many Miata models in varying states of performance & condition. At the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #5, Chanh-Duy brought his well maintained 1994 B-package model Mazda Miata.  What I first noticed was the paint – it still had its showroom luster.  This car has 137K miles…

The next noticeable things were the real carbon fiber hood & trunk, along with the slick more modern looking low-profile, dual headlights (with integrated NACA ducts on the carbon fiber light covers).  Very striking and makes the car newer & more up to date looking.  I really DO like those headlights!

Chanh-Duy has added some aesthetic & functional enhancements that look & work well – they do not detract form the form or function of his Miata.  The Garage Vary Urethane Front Lip Spoiler & the rear trunk spoiler also make the car more distinct & aggressive looking.

I asked Chanh-Duy about the LEDs mounted to the rear of his Boss Frog roll bar.  Since the carbon fiber trunk lid does not have a third brake light (like the OEM lid), he positioned them to be easily visible out the back window when the top is up.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a shot of the engine bay.  I’m sure it would have been good, based on what I saw of this Miata’s outside condition.  Here’s what Chanh-Duy told me about his car’s upgrades & modifications:

  • Moss Motors MP62 supercharger
  • Jackson Racing headers
  • Racing Beat Power Pulse exhaust
  • Tein Flex coil overs (7kg/mm front, 6kg/mm rear)
  • Racing Beat 1-1/8″ front sway
  • No rear sway
  • TR Motorsports 15″x7.5″ ET42 wheels

In addition to all of this, Chanh-Duy is an active member of the Tejas Miata Club, based in Austin, TX.

This whole Miata package fit so well.  It was not at all over the top – very attractive.  I like!

Racing Ready likes well-integrated packages…my time will come!


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