Weekend Racing Review – a Triple Play!

Yesterday, Father’s Day, was a good day for the couch potato race fan.  From midday to early evening, I was able to relax & grill our dinner, while watching 3 different professional racing events on television.

  • The IndyCar Iowa Corn 500 (promoting Ethanol) a 7/8’s mile quick oval
  • The Formula 1 British Gran Prix race at Silverstone (the last F1 race here)
  • The NASCAR race at Sears Point, err, Infineon Raceway, near Sonoma, CA

I still enjoy the dicing for position & pedal to the medal performance of the IndyCar race participants.  They are really enjoying their sport.  Of these 3 events, this was the only one that I left the couch ONLY during commercials.

As to F1, this was the first event I have had a chance to watch this season.  My opinion was swayed little.  It’s still boring & this year’s version of the F1 racing car looks goofy!

I’m not normally a fan of NASCAR, but I make exceptions when it comes to road races.  This track is a fun one to enjoy watching ANY series race on & yesterday’s event was no exception.  Also, I appreciate that the COT (Car Of Tomorrow) looks a bit closer to what’s in the showroom, sort of…

There is little relative personal association I can make to the reality of these racers & their professional abilities.  Racing Ready is here to accept that & enjoy these events as inspirational entertainment.  The push, from this blog, is to get yourself beyond the wish & wonder stage.

Just get out there & see what your local amateur racing community is doing.  Ignorance is no longer an excuse, what with Google & other search engines.  If you really want to do this, it’s out there – even on a shoestring budget like mine.

Keep watching!


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