How To Sponsor Your Autocross Civic

At the SPOKES 2009 Autocross #5, Chris brought his 2008 Honda Civic Si, completely stock.  What I noticed that was very different about his car was his class ID & number “placard”.  It was professionally done  He also had another magnetic panel of the company that crafted his ID.  It looked very professional.  In actuality it was advertising to help support Chris with what autocross expenses he has.

Chris is a regular autocrosser – I had seen him last year at some SASCA events.  He was having fun, competing with other friends in his class.

The only “real” modifications to his Civic are the club identification stickers he has placed with pride on his car’s rear window.

Again, with the exception of the graphics, the car is stock, as Honda designed it.

There are times that “run what ya’ brung” works just fine for autocross.  Just have access to a helmet, put some additional air pressure in your tires & you are ready to compete!

Racing Ready wants to help YOU be ready to compete, sponsored or not!


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