Truely On A Miata Quest, Finally!

Okay, I’m in…

Discussions over beer can result in fruitful action.  Last Friday evening I was out with friends (a rare occasion for me) & talking about my ‘Big White Whale‘ (2000 Nissan Maxima SE) selling project.  That is, the idea that I want to fix it up to get a better selling price.  I was convincingly guided that I would be MUCH better off putting it up on craigslist.

My former car salesman friend & neighbor, Richard, assisted me with the correct description verbiage & away it went.  Within 20 minutes of posting the ad I got my first call.  I’ve gotten a steady stream of interested callers & some have been actually serious.

Yesterday, on the way home from work I decided to swing by CarMax, just to satisfy my curiosity about what they might offer me.  In the past, from my experience & hearing from others, you can’t expect much.  Well, 45 minutes later I was pleasantly surprised with what they would offer me – it was substantially higher than what I was asking for it on craigslist.  I have till next Wednesday to accept their offer.  I have since pulled my ad off of the Internet.

On the other side of this, I’m trolling the Internet, making calls & starting to visit local Miatas.  There’s some crud out there, but I’m sure there’s a hidden jewel in the rough waiting for me out there – we shall see.

Craig, my good Miata buddy (& the guy who suggested I advertise the Nissan as is on craigslist – no relation) has been offering lots of good advice & encouragement.  He also suggested I put out feelers for people in the local autocross community to keep their eyes peeled for a possible Miata for me.  Here’s the communique I posted out on a number of choice Internet places:

I’m seriously looking to buy a nicely used Miata within the next couple of weeks.
Here are the specifics of what I’m looking for:

–   NA series from 1994 to 1997 (with a preference for the ’96 or ’97 model)
–   5 speed manual (of course)
–   Torsen limited-slip differential
–   Working, cold AC
–   Reasonably appropriate amount of mileage
–   Prefer a clear title
–   Relatively stock – this has to be my daily driver 1st, weekend autocrosser 2nd (would prefer to keep it in the stock class)
–   A straight & relatively dent-free body
–   And, hopefully in the $3500 or less price range

I live in the northwest side of San Antonio, but if I hear of a good prospect & I get good info with pix to support the prospect, I WILL drive the distance to see & possibly buy it!

Please keep your ears to the ground & let me know what hear about out there that’s worthwhile.

Thanks in advance for your assist!

We’ll see what happens – I will keep you up to date.

Racing Ready is very anticipatory about this quest.


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One thought on “Truely On A Miata Quest, Finally!”

  1. Enjoy the hunt!

    I don’t know how rare the torsen diff is, but if it’s rare then I’d advise looking at one without, too. Can always be added later.

    I’m doing interior tweaks to mine tomorrow. Can’t wait!

    Best wishes – SW

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