Hot Summer Days of Autocross Arrive Early

Tomorrow will be 2009 SASCA Autocross #6.  It’s gonna be a HOT one!  The past couple weeks have been in the 100 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit range – this is more like August weather…

I will not be competing, but going into “low key” blogger mode.  I say “low key” for 2 reasons: there’s no need to over exert myself with the heat & I’m going to look over Miatas in a more thorough (like I’m buying one) way.  Since I’ve been seriously looking at used Miatae, starting last week, I’m getting a much better idea as to what to look for & what to avoid.

I may pretend that I’m pursuing my next car purchase among the various Miatas I review at this autocross.  In other words, I may use this event as an education to fine tune what other things to look for & notice.  It should be interesting.

This task of pursuing & investigating a Miata as my daily driver replacement is taking away from my regular blogging time.  So, please bear with me as the frequency of Racing Ready posts is temporarily diminished.


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3 thoughts on “Hot Summer Days of Autocross Arrive Early”

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