Breathing New Life Into Miatas With BEGI

I saw this on a local autocross forum post & thought it would be of interest.

Well, Corky has superchargers on his mind.  We need a 1.8l NA and 1.6l NA for a simple cold sided supercharger install.  We install parts at no charge and sell them to you at our cost.  If you are interested please shoot me an e-mail or call the number below.

Incidentally, we do want to install another NC turbo kit. Discounts offered…

BEGI/Bell Engineering
PHN# 830-438-2890
FAX# 830-438-8361

Here is how they introduce their business/passion on their website:

Turbocharging, Supercharging & Customized Forced Induction

Welcome to BEGi™ (Bell Engineering Group, Inc.). For 27 years we have been on the leading edge of the engineering and manufacturing of high performance products. BEGi™ is the oldest Turbo Kit maker in the USA. From our line of rising rate fuel pressure regulators to our industry standard turbocharger and supercharger systems, BEGi™ can give you the performance you’re looking for with the engineering expertise you demand.

I know of some local autocross competitors who have some of this BEGI equipment installed & they swear by it.  This will be a future blog post project to work on, to talk, visit & tour their facilities.  I’m told that Corky, Stephanie, et al, are great people to work with.  Their facility is only about 30 minutes NE of my location in San Antonio, TX.  Another reason to go – this would be a great little road trip into the foothills of the Hill Country with my future new Miata!

Racing Ready is moving forward, with Miatas on the mind…


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2 thoughts on “Breathing New Life Into Miatas With BEGI”

  1. Yep…great folks, nice components, good work, and of course Corky is always good for an interesting conversation….

  2. Wow! These are some great pictures and a great video of what we do. I don’t think we have had bteetr publicity ever! It is always a pleasure to go to Coles County for our southern Tour .barry

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