My Miata Has A Name – Karlino!

After almost 3 weeks thinking about this tradition of naming your Miata, I finally name “him” Karlino.

My Miata's name - Karlino!

Nothing that I found in Japanese seemed to work, or it translated funny/strange.  But while I was looking at different name meaning websites, I came across a listing of Irish based names.  Since I’m half Irish on both my Mom’s & Dad’s sides of the family, I figured some of my heritage would be appropriate.  Instead of the names, I was looking at their meanings.  I found one that best described my petite little wannabe racer.  I thought, that’s perfect!  My car is small & it wants to win.  So, the root name I built Karlino on is, Carlin.  The meaning of Carlin, in Irish Gaelic, is “little champion.”  Just right!!!


So, there you have it.  When you read a post here on Racing Ready & I mention Karlino, this will be in reference to my 1999 Mazda Miata.  We’ll see you out there!


“Inspired” Into A Porsche Boxster

Randy was an avid HPDE participant at Harris Hill Road at the SEA Track Attack.  This was back at the end of May 2009.

Randy's Limited Edition Boxster S resting in the H2R paddock

The Porsche LE Boxster S between sessions...

He was driving a fully stock (except for the tires) 2008 Porsche Limited Edition Boxster S, in the noticeably awesome bright orange color.  The ‘ S’ edition series, with the SportDesign package, was limited to 250 lovely units.

Sumitomo tires on stock Porsche wheels

Randy had an interesting story to tell as to how he became an owner of this Porsche.  This could be something we could all learn from.  Back in 2007 he was campaigning a 2004 Mustang SVT Cobra Convertible.  He recalls a September afternoon that he set his fastest time (& his fastest speed in a car, ever) at the TWS (Texas World Speedway), at 2 minutes, 3 seconds.  He was, in his words, “scared frightened”, just too much adrenaline.  He realized it was TOO fast & he was not at all comfortable with all the raw edge of power.

The LE Boxster S cockpit, with orange touches everywhere.

Note the rear tow hook coming through the license plate!

That night, logging onto the Internet, he found his current Porsche en route to a dealer, still on the boat.  He ordered it right then & there.  He calls his car his “safety equipment”.  In comparison to his former Mustang, this car just goes & goes, that it is over-engineered for speed.  In addition, he doesn’t have to wrench on it constantly, like he did with his Mustang.

Randy @ speed !

Racing Ready finds inspiration from all sorts of amateur racing participants, in the pursuit of their racing dreams!


Jerry’s Got A “New” 1999 Miata, Too!

This must be a trend!  At the 2009 SASCA Autocross #6 Jerry debuted his “new” 1999 Mazda Miata!

Here's Jerry assessing the autocross course from grid.

Ready to roll, as Jerry advances to the starting gate...

Just like my Miata it’s a 1999 model & it has about 110K miles.  This is Jerry’s second Miata.  Last I heard he still owns his red 1990 Miata that he’s been driving & campaigning in autocross for years.  He is enjoying the step up in power from a 1.6 liter, to a newer car with a 1.8 liter engine.  Note the 6 (!) autocross stickers (from SPOKES) on the wing window below – a lot of autocross mileage, there!

Jerry continues the consistent autocross habit this Miata has developed!

Jerry is the third owner of this Highlight Silver Metallic Miata.  Unlike my car, his has been tweaked to be as best as you could upgrade it, without getting out of the C Stock class.  These are the 3 key upgrades:

  • Koni Yellow Shocks
  • Racing Beat front sway bar
  • 2.5″ cat back exhaust

In addition, this Miata has Enkei 15″ wheels & Kumho (very consistently competitive) tires.  I think the springs are stock, but the car does look a little lower.  Maybe it’s the bigger wheels, an optical illusion…  I’m sure this car & driver combination will consistently beat my car & myself in most any autocross situation.  Besides, Jerry has many more years of autocross experience.   Maybe it’s that the rear trunk spoiler that makes the car look faster.  🙂

Kumho & Enkei, an informed & competitive tire/wheel combination!

Although Jerry competes in the C Stock class, like me, he is competing in the Tire class, which changes things.  It kind of makes competing directly with him a mute point.  I still don’t really understand the tire class rules, as yet – sorry.  But it will be good to see how I compare & to see what these modifications have done to his car’s handling compared to mine.

Jerry's @ speed !

Racing Ready likes to compare the competition – it makes things interesting.


What Is Racing Ready & Why Visit Here?

Racing Ready, another logo idea

What is Racing Ready ?  An introduction for some & a good revisit for others…

If you’ve ever considered racing in motorsports, thinking…
“Why not me, I could be a successful racing competitor!”
…then this site is for you!

How to go about it & where to start?  The easiest & most economical starting point is in autocross – trust me.  Here’s a great introduction to autocross article.  Another specific source of information can be read here – – read & learn.  If you want to get really technically detailed, visit here: Autocross To Win, but this last link is way beyond the scope of Racing Ready.

But whoa, what about a (racing) vehicle?  In autocross you can make use of most any car & some trucks (forget the SUV & van/crossover).  Later, change out to a more appropriate, competitive car you can still use as your daily driver (like I did).

Many people feel it’s important to upgrade & improve your car’s handling and invest in “go fast” performance parts for their car.  For now, save your money – invest in yourself first!  It is better & more cost effective to develop “the nut behind the wheel”, before any major wrenching is done on your car (like I said in my FullSolo video interview).

From there, in which direction you go is up to you.  With the support of 2 national organizations: SCCA & NASA, you can go down different paths.  With these organizations and also local/regional clubs, you can start track driving.  This is the regional track I’ll consider, when I’m ready…Harris Hill Road (aka H2R)!

Racing Ready is becoming a resource:

  • an amateur motorsports reporting portal
  • a valid source of information, knowledge/education
  • a motorsports parts & technology (re)source.

Here you can be entertained & informed.  You (& me!) need to be taught.  There are many excellent motorsports oriented driving schools & events.  As I learn, I will share my experience & recommend what works & doesn’t.  Later, as I work on the hardware performance of my car, I’ll provide you access to the appropriate tools & parts to make your car perform closer to it’s potential (again, after you optimize your own driving potential).

As the proud owner of my 1999 Miata for 2 weeks, I’ve already put one autocross into it.  My Miata performed better than I did.  There is SO much potential in that little Mazda than I can not yet properly & efficiently handle.  Yes, it is humbling…but fun!

So, as I try to practice what I preach, I’ll be working to develop & improve my motosport’s driving capabilities, before investing in go fast, better handling Maita parts & upgrades.  There are SO many aftermarket parts for this car.  It’s dizzying to consider what I would want to do first, anyway.

Racing Ready is ready to progress forward on this mutual journey…going from wannabe racer to successful racing competitor!


P. S. – I just realized, with my recent Miata purchase, I have become the visitor I am trying to attract to my blog!

Racing Ready logo sidebar image

Honda Fit, Extremely Modified, Autocrosses

At the 2009 SASCA Autocross #6, I met a new Novice autocross competitor.  Ryan brought a vehicle I had yet to see entered in an autocross event.  His ride is a 2007 Honda Fit.  Being his first event, he entered as Novice F Street Prepared class.

At first glance, except for the tires & wheels & the 2″(!) lowered suspension, it looks pretty stealthy.  But on my first quick look inside, I was surprised to see the rear seat removed & a serious, committed chromed cross brace in its place.

Ryan has done much more than can be seen (unless you want to crawl around & look underneath).  Here’s a list (& some pictures) he provided me with his modifications & upgrades:

  • Suspension:
  • Megan Coilovers
  • Ultra Racing Front Strut Bar
  • Ultra Racing Rear Strut Bar
  • Ultra Racing 4 Point Rear Lower Brace
  • Ultra Racing Room Bar
  • Progress Rear Sway Bar
  • Miracle X Brace

  • Wheels:
  • Buddy Club P1 Racing SF 15x.65 +35 offset 13.8 LB
  • BFGoodrich G-Force Sports 195/55-R15

  • Interior:
  • Customer Door Panels with Volcom Print
  • F1 Spec Racing Seat
  • Wedge Seat Bracket
  • Rear Seat Removed (50lbs)

He also has installed an aftermarket short run cold air intake, along with a Honda Force Performance exhaust.

With all those suspension mods, essentially it’s very lowered (by 2″).  Ryan is very forward thinking.  As of last June 2009, these are the items not yet installed:

  • T1R( Type One Racing) Stainless Brake Lines
  • Project MU B-Force Pads
  • Ultra Racing Fender Braces
  • Ultra Racing 4 Point Front Lower Brace
  • Megan Down Pipe with Megan Cel Fix
  • Takata Racing Harness’s 4pt

I’m sure by the next time we see Ryan & his FIT, many of the about mods will have already been implemented.

In the end, Racing Ready is always on the lookout for car models new to autocross.


DMR Performance, Unlock Your Corvette’s Potential

Jay is a frequent autocross participant & the Vice President of SASCA.  At the recent 2009 SASCA Autocross #7 (at which Jay was the course designer), he debuted his on-car advertising of his new company, DMR Performance, a division of Tiger Unlimited, Inc.
[Jay’s Corvette is the black one, Eric’s is the bright yellow one]

Here’s how & why Jay started this business, from his website:

DMR Performance

Unleash the Beast in Your Corvette

The parent company Tiger Unlimited was founded by Jay Cryderman in 2006 and he created DMR Performance in 2008.  As a child, Jay always wanted a Corvette and finally his dream came true in the summer of 2007 when he purchased a 2003 Corvette Z06.  As he began to autocross and time trial his Corvette he realized that some modifications were in order.  After calling almost a dozen local shops; he realized that no one would install after market performance modifications in San Antonio.  It was then he decided he would create DMR Performance to install performance modifications on Corvettes for racing enthusiasts in the San Antonio area.

Jay has been providing excellent service and offering outstanding value to neighbors throughout San Antonio.

Questions? Contact Jay at

We are independently owned and operated!

Jay goes on to say that if you desire a unique look or are tired of 2nd place finishes at the autocross or time trial, you need to consider contacting DMR Performance.  Jay wants to help you make your Corvette stand out in a crowd!

I wish Jay all the success he strives for – I sure hope he’ll be able to branch out to other car models . . . like Miatas?  Hmmm ? !

These types of home grown business are the lifeblood of amateur racing.  Racing Ready supports Jay & others in their continued promotion of amateur motorsports.