The ‘Big White Whale’ Makes Its Departure

It’s gone…I did it…it has been sold!

I made the commitment and sold my ‘Big White Whale‘ (2000 Nissan Maxima SE) to CarMax today!  I went there last week on a whim & they offered me much more than I had it advertised for on craigslist.  In the Interim week, I had driven 6 or 7 Miatas & inquired about a few more.

I was almost ready to put down a deposit on a very low mileage (55K) 1999 Miata, yesterday.  But since it was a dealer & not a private individual, the TT&L put it way outside the comfort zone of my budget.  And besides, it had a salvage title with a bunch of hail damage & other aesthetic issues.  Mechanically it was just fine.

There have been a couple of cars I could have more seriously considered, but I have walked away from them, too.  It tugs some at the heart strings, but I’m picky.

I don’t think that it has hit me yet that I’m without a car.  At least I’ll save a bit of money for the couple of weeks that I’ll be borrowing other family members’ modes of transport.

There will be reduced posting to Racing Ready over the next few days as I will be out of pocket.  My wife & I will be taking a few well deserved days off, south of here in rural Mexico.  Internet access is not guaranteed nor considered…

Til then,

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5 thoughts on “The ‘Big White Whale’ Makes Its Departure”

  1. What a treat seeing all the signs. Some were so funny and so true, just expicilt! Hope you are feeling good and enjoying yourselves too! Not just making us happy! AuMillers PS the one sign looked like it was from Gunnison, CO? I went to college there for a time, and we were raised in Montrose, CO 60 miles from Gunnison.

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