Racing Tips From Life – Concentrate

It’s interesting to observe that the most commonsense things in life transfer over to improved performance in competition racing.

The key concept here is concentration.  Keeping distractions out of the equation is very helpful to attain your goal of clean, optimal laps, one after the other.  But that is not as easy as described.  [I’ve seen it in some of the faces of autocross competitors & HPDE event participants.  It ain’t pretty.]

Many times our daily life sees us going by on automatic pilot, we don’t normally tune in to what we are really thinking or need to think about.  I will say I’m as guilty of this as the next person.

The point here is, you need to find & use a method to remove these distractions.  Distractions can stem from some ongoing/unresolved item in you life that needs to be addressed – it is running below your level of consciousness, but still influencing & distracting your thoughts.

I realize this is getting pretty deep, here – but it’s good stuff if you take the time to work at it.  For more specific details, please read the full article found at  Steve Gillman wrote about this in: The Power of (Racing) Concentration

Racing Ready is concentrating on Miata ownership, right now – that’s my current distraction, in addition to the other regular ones coursing though my subconscious.

Focus is key – taking a few days off this 4th of July weekend will help the concentration, and maybe provide a much needed point of view reset.


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