Possibly Considering A Miata NB Model…

In these days of non-car ownership, I’ve been driving my wife’s car to work, a 2000 Mitsubishi 4-door Galant ES.  Automatic, of course.  It’s not a bad car & since it has well functioning air conditioning, I am not missing my former ‘Big White Whale‘.

I’m still on the Miata hunt.  Today I was able to check out & test drive a 1 owner 1999 model that was acceptable.  Originally I had my heart set on an older 94 to 97 NA series model Mazda Miata.  But, if I can find an acceptable 1999 NB model that is affordable, I may go that route.  I have to admit that Isa, my wife, didn’t want me to go to an older, higher mileage model.  Having driven a few 99’s now, I have to admit that I think I like them better.

I may have to work on some creative financing, but a newer NB model could be it.  A few more days of searching & research my tell.  We shall see.

Racing Ready continues the Miata search, weighing the pros & cons of variety…


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