When Ya’ Gonna Get Your Miata? TODAY!

This post has been a long time coming…
I started writing this entry back on May 6th of 2009, as I knew it would happen!

After many months of both SASCA & SPOKES club members asking me (bugging me) as to when will I ever make my expected Mazda Miata purchase…I got it, TODAY!

Although I had advertised my ‘Big White Whale‘ (2000 Nissan Maxima SE) on craigslist, I had gotten a better deal at CarMax & took it.  I took that sale’s proceeds (& some additional funds) & purchased my (new to me) 1999 Mazda Miata.  Also, I’ll have to clean up my new baby for autocross next weekend, already.

I have to give a huge, big-hearted  “THANK YOU!” to my friends Craig (of Teal Turd fame) & Ryan Logan (of Cutting Edge Racing).  They put up with my many phone calls for suggestions & advice, even looking over 1 candidate.

My Miata (gee that has a nice ring to it!), is a 1999 model, with a 5-speed (of course), has relatively low mileage (104,026 miles), the color is Highlight Silver Metallic.  As it stands parked in my driveway I feel an excitement of driving anticipation, even just to go to work.  My side of the garage is going to be cleaned out VERY SOON!  Finally, I have a car I can not only enjoy, but it has wonderfully working air conditioning (which I’ve done without for about 4 years – that’s no mean feat here in South Texas!).

Not only do I anticipate my daily commute next week, I already put 95 miles on it today, coursing through some of my favorite curvy/twisty sections on the outskirts (Tejas Trail & “Park Road” 37)  of San Antonio, TX.  I’m already planning leisurely, but fun spirited drives in the Hill Country.  I’ll be doing this not only for the enjoyment, but to start to truly learn the nuances of how this car really feels & handles.  I want to experience that feeling that everybody who drives a Miata really loves it.  After today, though, my first impressions are that the car’s abilities are currently beyond mine.  I’ll have to learn the feel for RWD in concert with a 50/50 weight distribution – I’ve been driving FWD too long!

Now I feel I’m that much closer to becoming a successful racing competitor.  I’ve to get ready for the few remaining autocross events for this year.  Racing Ready is proud to say that one of my goals has been achieved.  No more wannabe Miata owner – hooray!!!


P.S. – I will post more specification details after I read the owners manual & call Mazda next week with the VIN for my Miata’s feature specifics…

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11 thoughts on “When Ya’ Gonna Get Your Miata? TODAY!”

  1. What a beautiful car you have there. Had I not found my 03 SE in the most amazing color yet offered, my next choice would have been silver. Congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations, Dan! You got there and I’m sure you’re loving every minute of it.

    I know how you feel about looking for excuses to drive it. This morning, in the Tasmanian winter, I moved one car and some big concrete wheelstops out of the way just so I could take mine on a 10 minute commute to work!

    An excellent outcome and I look forward to seeing those autocross times in the future.

  3. Congrats Dan! Its almost the exact same car that I just bought a month ago from Chris – you’ll love it! The extra power over the NA miata’s is quite enjoyable. 🙂

  4. Congrats Dan! I too have a ’99 Miata, and you will enjoy this car! Loads of fun to drive!

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