My “New” Miata Options To Consider…

Well, I’ve put a bit over 250 miles on my “new” Miata, since this past Saturday.

I’ve just registered for this month’s upcoming SASCA autocross – this Sunday, July 19, 2009.  The last few times I had registered I used the number 51, as when I first autocrossed my former ‘Big White Whale’.

But since that number was already taken, I decided to enter as #151.  Well, that reminded me of Everclear, the almost 75 to 95% pure grain alcohol vodka…don’t know if I want to tarnish the reputation of my little silver baby this soon…

Speaking of tarnishing & options, I’m going to start out my Miata as I bought it.  So far I’ve filled up the gas tank only 2 times (no 151, but thankfully just 87 octane) & brought the air pressure in the tires up to 28 PSI.  As to my gas mileage consumption? On the first tank I went though, I calculated about 22 MPG.  This is doing spirited driving, not holding back & with the AC on.  I’m pleased, this is SO much better than the Nissan which also required 93 octane!

I don’t know if I’ll install my CG-Lock, yet.  This is an important item to consider, especially since it is a product I both promote & sell, here.

I have been looking on the Internet at all the various projects one can do ‘on the cheap’. is a phenomenal source of good Miata information!  Here are some I’m considering:

  • Driver’s seat “”foamectomy” – making it easier for my 6’2″ frame to fit
  • “Baby tooth” extraction – removing the front tow hooks in the grill area
  • I’ve got to paint those little, yellowed hubcaps – yeck!!!

But for now, I’m keeping all as is – we’ll see where Racing Ready takes this Miata project, and still keep it as a daily driver…


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3 thoughts on “My “New” Miata Options To Consider…”

  1. How does the foamectomy effect your glutial comfort?

    I’m just a tad over 6 feet, so i guess that makes a little difference. Still, I could do with a little exercise-inspired gutectomy and buttectomy to make things a little easier 🙂

  2. If you want to stay in stock, you should check to see if those things are within the rules first.

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