Upcoming SASCA AutoX – “New” Miata Debut

Tomorrow will be the SASCA 2009 AutoX #7, at the AT&T Center.  It will be my first autocross in my “new” Miata.  Here’s a sketch of the course map – click to enlarge…

Today I’ve been preparing my Miata by cleaning, waxing & even vacuuming.  It’s looking better.  I’m glad I also cleaned the engine bay a bit.

I found a cracked emission ventilation type of hose I’ll need to replace.  At least it’s not a critical high pressure liquid hose.  I will probably need to upgrade all hoses eventually.

I’m not really nervous about tomorrow’s event.  But I’m wondering how my Miata, with 104,300+ miles will do.  Over the past week I’ve experienced the lack of traction of the BFGoodrich TA Traction tires.  They are rated to be a 60K mile tire!  So far there are only about 20K miles on them – we’ll see…

I’ve also got my Racing Ready graphics, to include my number (#151) and class ID (NCS – Novice C Stock).  I will be publicly debuting my new Racing Ready logo.

We’ll see what kind of feedback I get.
Racing Ready wants to know,  what do you think?


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2 thoughts on “Upcoming SASCA AutoX – “New” Miata Debut”

  1. I hope you have/had a great time out there today, Dan. The time’s irrelevant. Just enjoy being out there living the dream you’ve had for the last few years.

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