How My Miata & I Did At Autocross…

My Miata (Karlino) & I survived the 100 degree plus heat at today’s SASCA autocross!

It was a hot, sunny day – a good one for a Texas summer autocross.  In addition to debuting my “new” 1999 Mazda Miata at this SASCA 2009 AutoX #7 event, my wife (Isa) was able to attend, watch & take some good pix.

In addition, I took advantage of the autocross video services & promotion of Steven Johnson, of  That was awesome to be able to get good video, so quickly after the event.  Here’s the last few seconds of my fourth run.

In addition, here’s the full video (& then some), from above my windshield.  This was the same fourth run.  It was also my worst run, losing control (not totally!) a few times in the first 1/3 section of the course.  Oh well, it was fun to learn!

One autocrosses the Miata with the top down.  But between runs, while on the grid, you put the top back up & even put the AC on – it makes it bearable…

Here’s some additional still shots to finish out this record of my first event, of the autocross deflowering of my Miata.

I feel my car did a better job than I did.  One of the good things I learned is I can trust the brakes very well.  Also, I can see that it’s easy to collect a loose rear end and correct my line – just as long as I don’t overcook the throttle.

Racing Ready is finally in possession of a vehicle worthy of being autocrossed.  At this event I approached the limit of my Miata, but I know I didn’t reach its full potential, which is fine.  I have more than enough power for the tires on this car, so, that may be the first major upgrade down the road.


P. S. – People have been wondering:

How do you get into & out of that little Miata?

Here’s a hint below…

P. P. S. – Here are the times of my 7 runs & a link to the Final Results, SASCA AutoX #7.

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5 thoughts on “How My Miata & I Did At Autocross…”

  1. Nice driving Dan! That Miata is going to have a happy life! My favorite clip from the compilation was of you pushing the limits of your new weekend warrior!

  2. Yeah! I love your little race car and I know this is a dream come true for you.
    congratulations. Susan

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