Spousal Motorsports Participation Enjoyment

This could be a delicate subject to discuss, but here goes…

Most people who come out to enjoy amateur motorsports events, do so on their own.  Sometimes they come with co-competitors, but usually without members of their own family.  What I’m getting at here is the noticeable lack of competitors spouse’s (or significant others’) enjoyment of participation. There are some noted exceptions, but mostly I have observed the “boys play with their toys, but only a few girls, too”.

I’m in this situation, as well.  My wife, Isa, has little to no interest in motorsports, & even less in participation by attendance & not at all by driving.  I recall she did go along to a few autocrosses with me (along with 5 year old & infant daughters) when I competed about 16 years ago, but that was it.  One noted exception was her participation in my Awesome Racing Birthday Surprise. She also took note & enjoyed the Truth in 24 special on ESPN earlier this year – I was pleasantly surprised!

Another pleasant surprise was her staying a few hours to watch me autocross this past Sunday.  Isa was also able to take a number of good pix that I published in my last post!

One crucial assist in helping Isa to stick around was helping to take care of Shane’s 2 girls (a 2 year old & an infant).  His wife, Jessica, was then able to enjoy a couple of ride-alongs in the autocross…  Unfortunately, Isa did not want to participate in any ride-along activity, even with somebody else!

Racing Ready supports more family/spousal/significant other participation in amateur motorsports.  I have seen that the family that races together, stays together!


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