DMR Performance, Unlock Your Corvette’s Potential

Jay is a frequent autocross participant & the Vice President of SASCA.  At the recent 2009 SASCA Autocross #7 (at which Jay was the course designer), he debuted his on-car advertising of his new company, DMR Performance, a division of Tiger Unlimited, Inc.
[Jay’s Corvette is the black one, Eric’s is the bright yellow one]

Here’s how & why Jay started this business, from his website:

DMR Performance

Unleash the Beast in Your Corvette

The parent company Tiger Unlimited was founded by Jay Cryderman in 2006 and he created DMR Performance in 2008.  As a child, Jay always wanted a Corvette and finally his dream came true in the summer of 2007 when he purchased a 2003 Corvette Z06.  As he began to autocross and time trial his Corvette he realized that some modifications were in order.  After calling almost a dozen local shops; he realized that no one would install after market performance modifications in San Antonio.  It was then he decided he would create DMR Performance to install performance modifications on Corvettes for racing enthusiasts in the San Antonio area.

Jay has been providing excellent service and offering outstanding value to neighbors throughout San Antonio.

Questions? Contact Jay at

We are independently owned and operated!

Jay goes on to say that if you desire a unique look or are tired of 2nd place finishes at the autocross or time trial, you need to consider contacting DMR Performance.  Jay wants to help you make your Corvette stand out in a crowd!

I wish Jay all the success he strives for – I sure hope he’ll be able to branch out to other car models . . . like Miatas?  Hmmm ? !

These types of home grown business are the lifeblood of amateur racing.  Racing Ready supports Jay & others in their continued promotion of amateur motorsports.


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  1. If you need Miata help, I think you know where to find that! (c; Most Miata guys do work for free(beer)…it’s one tight wad group.

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