What Is Racing Ready & Why Visit Here?

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What is Racing Ready ?  An introduction for some & a good revisit for others…

If you’ve ever considered racing in motorsports, thinking…
“Why not me, I could be a successful racing competitor!”
…then this site is for you!

How to go about it & where to start?  The easiest & most economical starting point is in autocross – trust me.  Here’s a great introduction to autocross article.  Another specific source of information can be read here – Autocross.com – read & learn.  If you want to get really technically detailed, visit here: Autocross To Win, but this last link is way beyond the scope of Racing Ready.

But whoa, what about a (racing) vehicle?  In autocross you can make use of most any car & some trucks (forget the SUV & van/crossover).  Later, change out to a more appropriate, competitive car you can still use as your daily driver (like I did).

Many people feel it’s important to upgrade & improve your car’s handling and invest in “go fast” performance parts for their car.  For now, save your money – invest in yourself first!  It is better & more cost effective to develop “the nut behind the wheel”, before any major wrenching is done on your car (like I said in my FullSolo video interview).

From there, in which direction you go is up to you.  With the support of 2 national organizations: SCCA & NASA, you can go down different paths.  With these organizations and also local/regional clubs, you can start track driving.  This is the regional track I’ll consider, when I’m ready…Harris Hill Road (aka H2R)!

Racing Ready is becoming a resource:

  • an amateur motorsports reporting portal
  • a valid source of information, knowledge/education
  • a motorsports parts & technology (re)source.

Here you can be entertained & informed.  You (& me!) need to be taught.  There are many excellent motorsports oriented driving schools & events.  As I learn, I will share my experience & recommend what works & doesn’t.  Later, as I work on the hardware performance of my car, I’ll provide you access to the appropriate tools & parts to make your car perform closer to it’s potential (again, after you optimize your own driving potential).

As the proud owner of my 1999 Miata for 2 weeks, I’ve already put one autocross into it.  My Miata performed better than I did.  There is SO much potential in that little Mazda than I can not yet properly & efficiently handle.  Yes, it is humbling…but fun!

So, as I try to practice what I preach, I’ll be working to develop & improve my motosport’s driving capabilities, before investing in go fast, better handling Maita parts & upgrades.  There are SO many aftermarket parts for this car.  It’s dizzying to consider what I would want to do first, anyway.

Racing Ready is ready to progress forward on this mutual journey…going from wannabe racer to successful racing competitor!


P. S. – I just realized, with my recent Miata purchase, I have become the visitor I am trying to attract to my blog!

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