Jerry’s Got A “New” 1999 Miata, Too!

This must be a trend!  At the 2009 SASCA Autocross #6 Jerry debuted his “new” 1999 Mazda Miata!

Here's Jerry assessing the autocross course from grid.

Ready to roll, as Jerry advances to the starting gate...

Just like my Miata it’s a 1999 model & it has about 110K miles.  This is Jerry’s second Miata.  Last I heard he still owns his red 1990 Miata that he’s been driving & campaigning in autocross for years.  He is enjoying the step up in power from a 1.6 liter, to a newer car with a 1.8 liter engine.  Note the 6 (!) autocross stickers (from SPOKES) on the wing window below – a lot of autocross mileage, there!

Jerry continues the consistent autocross habit this Miata has developed!

Jerry is the third owner of this Highlight Silver Metallic Miata.  Unlike my car, his has been tweaked to be as best as you could upgrade it, without getting out of the C Stock class.  These are the 3 key upgrades:

  • Koni Yellow Shocks
  • Racing Beat front sway bar
  • 2.5″ cat back exhaust

In addition, this Miata has Enkei 15″ wheels & Kumho (very consistently competitive) tires.  I think the springs are stock, but the car does look a little lower.  Maybe it’s the bigger wheels, an optical illusion…  I’m sure this car & driver combination will consistently beat my car & myself in most any autocross situation.  Besides, Jerry has many more years of autocross experience.   Maybe it’s that the rear trunk spoiler that makes the car look faster.  🙂

Kumho & Enkei, an informed & competitive tire/wheel combination!

Although Jerry competes in the C Stock class, like me, he is competing in the Tire class, which changes things.  It kind of makes competing directly with him a mute point.  I still don’t really understand the tire class rules, as yet – sorry.  But it will be good to see how I compare & to see what these modifications have done to his car’s handling compared to mine.

Jerry's @ speed !

Racing Ready likes to compare the competition – it makes things interesting.


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3 thoughts on “Jerry’s Got A “New” 1999 Miata, Too!”

  1. Tire class is a PAX class open to cars using standard street tires, with these two exceptions:

    1. Soft compound, DOT approved racing tires don’t count as street tires.

    2. All street touring cars aren’t allowed to run in this class.

  2. Good catch on it looking a little lowered – Chris had converted it to the ’99 Sport package, which means slightly shorter stiffer springs, rear spoiler, Torsen LSD diff, and front strut tower brace under the hood. He did leave the power windows and A/C (thank goodness!)

    And to follow on what Wei said, Tire class is basically where you start running once you get kicked out of Novice, so you’re not that far away from being a direct competitor! 🙂

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