The 2010 Mustang GT500 Experience

This 2010 Mustang GT500 promo came into my inbox a while ago.  I thought it might be of interest to you, to play.  Also, there’s great story about the blind unleashing their Mustang side, with Tommy Kendal!

2010 Mustang Unleashed

For what it’s worth, this was my entry (prior to ownership of Karlino) in the ‘2010 Mustang Unleashed’ contest, in less than 250 words…

Rewarding Local Driving Experiences Showcase 2010 Mustangs’ Enthusiasts Enjoyment

Having acquired my new 2010 Mustang, I’d start out my ownership experience by learning & dominating the car’s road handling.  This would be by warming up both my skills & breaking in the tires cruising around the Texas Hill Country.  To make this more fun, I’d do this in a lead/follow format with friends who own other recent vintage performance cars.

The following weekend I’d go to my local autocross club and whoop some ass in my class in friendly, but aggressive autocross competition.  The competitors wouldn’t know what hit them, standing slack jawed at this Mustang experience, resorting to bench racing around the timing trailer.  They’d end up talking about this 2010 Mustang experience for months.

The next week I’d go to my local road course track.  This is a 1.8 mile track with a variety of on and off camber turns and 150 feet of elevation changes – a track with many challenges and surprises.  I’d sort out the proper tires pressures and racing line.  After a few laps, I would achieve a great lap time within the top 10% of the more experienced drivers there.

I’d finish up this triple play with a simple cool down swing by at the local drive-in.  Here the locals would just oogle the newly designed, sharp lines of this redesigned 2010 Mustang and want to know more.  This car is simply not just for driving, but for experiencing its full racing enthusiasts heritage!

So that’s my entry, how about yours?  There’s a chance at ownership of 1 of 6 2010 Mustangs to be given away.  There’s less than 2 weeks to enter!

Racing Ready wouldn’t mind one…


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