Mustang Driver Attacks The Track

Mustang emblem

This stealthy 2008 Mustang GT is enjoyed as a daily driver & even more so on the track.

Edward's Mustang GT at the H2R paddock...

This Mustang color is purposeful, showing that it means business!

I met Edward while he was campaigning his Mustang at the SEA Track Attack.  He was enjoying hot laps at Harris Hill Road & his story is as follows…

Mustang GT cockpit

His Mustang engine is box stock.  He upgraded the stock exhaust to a Bassani system just for the burbling enjoyment of sound.  Edward says he did not get any horsepower gain, but enjoys annoying the neighbors.  🙂

The stock Mustang GT engine, w/ the Bassani exhaust tips...

I noticed he had removed the rear seats – I asked if he had done that to save on weight.  The reason, Edward stated, was to be able to much more easily transport his track tires, Hoosier racing slicks… .

Hoosier 18" racing slick tires on alloy wheels

This HPDE (high performance driver education) event was interrupted by a 20 minute heavy duty, lightening enhanced downpour.  As the track efficiently drained, participants started to go back out at somewhat reduced speed.  Edward changed his Mustang to its street tires.  Here he is waiting to get back out on the damp track.

In grid formation prior to entering the damp H2R track

His previous vehicle was a Ford F-150 Lightening pickup truck.  He also had an all wheel drive Subaru STi, but said it was no fun.  His Mustang brings back the challenge to racing!

Edward @ speed !

Racing Ready wants to take Karlino out to play on track, too.  I don’t know if I can do so without a roll bar, yet…


Galloping Mustang grill emblem

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