Tia Bobia’s Special Edition 2003 Miata

Miata Special Edition emblem

Diane’s sister & fellow Miata autocross enthusiast, Tia, came out to play at both recent SASCA AutoX events, #6 & #7.  Her 2003 Mazda Miata is a Special Edition model in beautiful Strato Blue Mica.  I hadn’t seen one of these before – it was striking!

Here's Tia Bobia, assessing her "Dori"...

And here's Diane, considering autocross competiton strategy...

Tia & her sister Diane, are both enthusiastic NB Miata owners.  I have already profiled Diane’s 1999 Miata 10AE, here.  Tia’s exquisite blue 2003 Miata is named “Dori”.  The Strato Blue Mica paint looks like different colors in different lighting.

Tia & "Dori" on grid, ready to have fun on a run...

Like her sister, Tia’s been busy making her sweet Miata faster.

"Dori's" engine bay

Here’s a list Tia sent me of go-fast items that they’ve modified &/or upgraded on this Special Edition Miata.

  • Front mounted intercooled Flyin’ Miata(FM)2 Hdra ECU w/EBC with the Garrett gt2560r ball bearing turbo
  • 550cc RC injectors
  • JIC FLT-A2 coil over suspension
  • FM aluminum race radiator
  • FM oversized front sway bar
  • FM Supersize Happy Meal (?)
  • 2.5″ Single turbo exhaust with high-flow cat
  • 8.5mm Magnacore spark plug wires
  • 15×8 6ul’s (+36 offset) on Hankook RS2’s (225/45/15)

Hankook & 949RACING, tire & wheel combination

This car is well preserved & being well enjoyed – she’s had others co-drive it, too.

The Special Edition Miata gray cockpit interior

Distinct Special Edition floor mat embroidery

Tia went so fast, I wasn’t able to take a very good “@ speed” shot . . . oh well.

Tia @ speed !

Racing Ready wants Karlino to be showcased by others on the web, too!


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