Preparing To Be An Autocross Eventmaster

Next Sunday’s SASCA autocross will be the last one at the AT&T Center parking lot – we lost our contract.  In addition, the lot size will be about 5/8’s the normal size.  To make things even more interesting, I have volunteered to be the Eventmaster.

Cone hairpin - not good course design!

At this past week’s monthly SASCA meeting we discussed my volunteering for this role.  Essentially, this means I am responsible for designing & coordinating the setup of the driving course for this autocross event – something I’ve never done before.  I felt this would help to push myself on to the next level.  Now I’ll really learn about “Cone-ology”!

Right now I’ve 2 challenges:

  • Putting together a good course in a smaller area than we are accustomed to
  • Learning about the particulars of autocross design specifics – I’ve found this resource, Solo Course Design Manual, by Roger H. Johnson (of the Houston SCCA Region) very helpful

Solo Course Design Handbook - Houston Region SCCA

I have some SASCA members I will be bouncing ideas off of.   I will also have to force myself to get to the lot EARLY – at least I won’t be required to work cone detail duty.

This will probably a relatively low turnout, and will probably be over earlier – and it will be HOT!

Racing Ready is up for this new challenge.


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