FWD To RWD Autocross Competition Change

Earlier this summer, at the 2009 SASCA Autocross #6, Shelly showed up in a new ride for her.  Over the past year I had seen her & husband Martin compete in the their very stripped (decontented) 2002 Ford Focus ZX3.  This event was Shelly’s debut of her “new” 2002 Honda S2000.

Shelly on grid with her new ride, the 2002 Honda S2000

Another angle from on grid, patiently awaiting...

Here first impression is that she’s not used to the additional horsepower – 237 HP now, as compared to 130 HP in her Focus she had named Rudy.  I am sure changing from spirited FWD driving to enthusiastic RWD driving also had something to do with it.  At this event, Rudy was being driving by Martin.

The S2000 engine bay, very clean & stock

Also the choice of tires the S2000 was wearing was not what they had preferred.  The tire of preference was of the Kuhmos brand, but there were none available in the 16 x 7.5 (front) & 16 x 8.5 (rear) sizes.  So they settled on Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s.

The Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 tires on the stock rims

I’m sure Shelly will grow to better enjoy her S2000, both as a daily driver & steadfast competitor!

Shelly @ speed !

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