Autocross Course Design Quandry

Tomorrow is the 2009 SASCA AutoX #8!

I’ve gone over the autocross course design quite a number of times & have come up with at least 4(!) variations.  Unfortunately, I’m working with a great unknown…  We’ve been told by how much the lot has been reduced.  But what I don’t know is the amount of “fudge factor” there is.  I’ll just have to wait & see!

AT&T Lot 7 - questionable...

Karlino & I will arrive very early & do a couple of slow pre-runs without cones to get a better sense of the lot’s space.  By then, the timing trailer (which also houses the orange traffic cones) will show up & we can start roughly outlining & fine tuning the layout of the course.

Racing Ready says Happy Autocrossing!  It should be interesting…


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