Autocrossing As Eventmaster

This past Sunday I was in the dual role as both Eventmaster & autocross event participant.  This autocross was the last event SASCA put on at the AT&T Center parking lot.  We lost our contract & are in the process of looking for a new autocross home.

Karlino, my “new ” 1999 Mazda Miata did okay, more of less.  I was proud of 2 things:

  1. I improved my times on each successive run
  2. I didn’t hit any cones – yeah!

On the autocross grid

There were over 70 competitors at this autocross!

Unfortunately, run #4 was very poor.  Something happened to the fuel management – it was as if Karlino had the hiccups, I could not get full power.  This condition disappeared as mysteriously as it appeared.  Oh well…

Below is an overview of the AXWare Systems printout of my runs – click to enlarge:

Karlino Results - SASCA 2009 AutoX #8

At this event I was 10th out of 21 Novice competitors, no improvement from the last autocross, but not really worse, either.  In July’s event I was 8th of 18 Novices.

Karlino, my Miata, posing alongside other autocrossing Miatas...

The next autocross will be a co-event with the SPOKES Club at the San Antonio Raceway, on Sunday, September 27th, 2009.  Racing Ready continues to learn what I can do with my bone stock Miata to improve course times.


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