Future Fate Of Affordable Roadsters?

What’s the future of affordable 2 seater convertible roadsters?  Just recently I read about the demise of the Honda S2000 – it was a good 10 year run…

Last of the S2000's, front view...

The 2009 model will be the last year that the Honda S2000 will be offered for sale.  Honda is throwing in the towel, what with the car sales choices skewing to a different paradigm.  Too bad!!!  Here’s the link to the article.

Last of the S2000's, rear view...

There are quite a few of the S2000’s out there, being driven enthusiastically – in autocross, road racing and, I’m sure, in other venues.  I have yet to drive one ( I might consider an autocross co-drive, if someone will have me…hint-hint).

As to the future of the Mazda MX-5 (Miata)?  Well, they are considering a smaller (?) version, tentatively named the MX-2.  I can’t imagine this car getting any smaller, but the prototype sure looks sharp!

Rendered Mazda MX-2 prototype - hmmm

MX-2 prototype, rear view - Again... hmmm

What other 2 seater affordable roadsters are out there?  To me affordable is quantified by an about $25K ceiling, so the only other car models available within that criteria are the Pontiac Solstice/Saturn Sky “twins” (I think that Sky got the better styling out of that deal…).

What’s your opinion – do you concur?  Of course, if you consider used, that might increase the options of choice.

Racing Ready is looking forward to some pleasant banter about this…


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5 thoughts on “Future Fate Of Affordable Roadsters?”

  1. Never thought of my Triumph Spitfire as a roaster but seeing how it does not have A/C… it does get hot as an oven in the summertime!

  2. I’d really like to see something along the lines of the Suzuki Cappuccino make a comeback. It could be small, fun, sporty, light, and efficient all in one inexpensive package!

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