Inconsistant IndyCar Racing Lines @ Infineon

Infineon Raceway logo

I enjoyed those action packed last few laps of this past Sunday’s Indy Grand Prix of Sonoma at Infineon Raceway (the 2.303-mile, 12-turn course formerly known as Sears Point).  This is one of my favorite road courses, regardless of what racing series plays there (Spec Miata, Indy Car & even NASCAR).

Dario Franchitti on the Infineon Raceway course

Dario Franchitti lead from pole to pole, garnering the maximum amount of points, including most laps lead – all 200 75 of them!  It was interesting to watch the action packed variety of approaches that different drivers took at different turns.  It was as if the apex of each curve seemed to move at each lap of the race progressed.

Infineon Raceway - long configuration

Racing Ready was awed by the variety of different drivers attempts at creative passing attempts.  But they REALLY screwed things in the first moments of the first lap…

First lap melee on the first corner - what a mess!

Say what you will about the “push to pass button” concept, it does make for some variety & lack of ho-hum racing.  I wonder if this is something Formula 1 might want to consider…?


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