No Limits In AutoX, With A Stock BMW 325i

I met an Austin-based couple, Mary Ann & Steve,  at the SASCA 2009 AutoX #6.  I had heard somebody mention that these folks were autocrossing their stock 2007 BMW 325i – that I ought to seek them out. Both husband & wife were competing, and they are at or near retirement age.  Unfortunately, I was only just able to visit with them just as they were leaving.

The stock 325i BMW still looking good after a day of autocrossing

One of the comments they both shared was this.  In learning how their car responds at its extreme limits tested in autocross, this has helped them in their day to day driving on the street.  Steve said he was able to avoid hitting a deer with his newfound car control skills – that convinced Mary Ann & certainly makes a strong case for the practicality of doing autocross!

Homeward bound, San Antonio to Austin, after autocrossing

This just goes to show you that you can drive whatever your daily driver is  & be at whatever age.  You can come in at whatever experience level and still enjoy the autocross experience.  So, if you haven’t gotten out to autocross, you still have a lot to look forward to.

325i BMW cockpit

Their BMW is completely stock.  Even more interesting is that they are making use of ContitProContact SSR  run flat street tires by Continental, all around.

These are the stock Continental run flat tires!

Mary Ann was quoted in an Austin America-Statesman online article a few months ago, saying:

It’s more about finesse than speed,” she says “That’s what I like about autocross. It’s something fun and keeps the mind engaged, and it’s something I get to do with my husband, Steve, who also races.

The stock 325i BMW engine bay got the best service for BMW Repair.

Racing Ready continues to be happily surprised (& pleased) at the variety of people & cars that show up at autocross events!


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