Saturday Morning San Antonio Cars and Coffee

This past Saturday, Karlino started a new tradition to cause his owner, me, to get an earlier start on Saturday activities: Coffee & Cars.  I wasn’t awake enough to think about bringing my regular camera, sorry, these are 3MP camera pix…as usual, click to enlarge.
[This was located at Panera’s, outside 1604 & Blanco, in San Antonio, TX]

Coffee & Cars panorama at Panera's parking lot

I happened to stumble across this local event after I forum-posted about an older couple autocrossing their BMW 325i.  What I had done was shoot that post out to the Strictly European Autosports forum, & then I read a few recent postings out there.  Apparently, some of the folks & a SEA administrator, Harold, had done this last month & was drumming up more support for others to go out there.  Of note, this was similar, but different than the Biff’s Burgers Cruise Night gathering…

Karlina in the midst of a motley crew...

A Karlino closeup moment, shining clean this Saturday morning!

It was a success for Canada to US trucking in my eyes.  After I had done a quick wash & dry of Karlino, I showed up about 9:15am and there were at least 60 cars – a great turnout!  The variety was good.  The majority of marques were European based, but their was a fair representation of Japanese & American iron (even a 4-door Avanti)!.  There was only one other Miata besides Karlino, it was Diane’s sweet 10AE.  We’ll have to get more of a Miata representation at the next one!

A European mix

Fast America Road Iron & others...

A high-end Honda & Lotus mix

A luscious Porsche mix, with a 4-door Avanti in the back!

I even met John, a former co-worker from some jobs ago that I hadn’t seen in over 18 years.  He was driving an awesome metallic blue Dodge Viper GTS Coupe (SWEET!), with at least 600HP & the suspension had been set up by Tommy Archer.  Here’s a couple of pix of John’s car I “borrowed” from SEA participant, Gabriel’s (gabe2222222), photobucket account…

Under the hood, V-10 Viper power - image 1

Under the hood, V-10 Viper power - image #2

John has been the owner of this velvet beast for the last 8 months & it has never been raced or see any rain.  He is being tempted to run it at Harris Hill Road, but for some reason he’s holding himself back.  C’mon John, go for it!

A grand marque variety; John's Viper is in the middle of the action!

Karlino & I plan to participate in the next one.  Racing Ready wants to know, do you have any sort of these impromptu, casual car meetups where you hail from?


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6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning San Antonio Cars and Coffee”

  1. Glad to see that Cars n Coffee is off to a good start and it will be fun to watch it grow. Also, Dan, you have a top notch Blog. Hope to see many of these same folks at the 2nd Annual Tower of America’s Euro Car Show. All details available at

  2. I don’t know yet – I’m investigating…

    BTW, there’s another Cars & Coffee event that takes place every 2nd Saturday of each month, from 7:30am(OUCH!) to 10am. It takes place at the Shipley’s Donuts @ 1604 & Redland Road, San Antonio, TX. The cars are mostly American Iron, like Mustangs, ‘Vettes, Hotrods & such – I guess like Biff’s Burgers on Fridays… That would make the next one on September 12th.

    I haven’t been yet, but I might go with Karlino…

  3. Dan, Love to see S.A. Cars and Coffee event just get bigger and better ! Most of the bigger cities already have a great showing and my concern is for the San Antonio folks to have one as well. I would like to speak with you about the TCA guys (which is who show up along with the SA Mustang club) meet up. Thanks !

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