Finally, Racing Ready T-Shirts, Plus…

It’s taken me some time – I know some of you have asked for this – it’s finally here!

Racing Ready T-Shirts, Plus link

I have finally set up my Racing Ready T-Shirts, Plus Online Shop.  Please take the opportunity to swing by & visit.  For now, I’ve put the Racing Ready T-Shirts, Plus… click-able logo over on the left side column.  At the moment it’s located above the CG-Lock $5.00 Discount! offer logo (still a great product to improve you as a driver).

Teaser image of the Online Store

In addition to a variety of T-shirts, polos, hoddies & hats & more, there are some strikingly simple stickers & even a clock.

Racing Ready logo products sample

I’ll have the option to add products & tweak the logo some.  I’m also toying with the idea of putting the tagline “Go from wannabe racer to successful racing competitor!” some where else, maybe on the back of clothing items.

Racing Ready is always open to your continued suggestions!


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