Porsche 944 Turbo, An Ongoing Racing Project

For some, road racing is an ongoing project, a learning process.  Buck, from Corpus Christi, Texas, has been working on his Porsche 944 Turbo for some time now.  He has been enjoying it every step of the way, although it hasn’t been smooth sailing.  I met him & his car at the SEA Track Attack last summer at the Harris Hill Road track facility.  This was his third time out at an event like this, with his Porsche racer.  But he’s been racing since the 1980’s, from the age of 14.

Buck pensive about his next Porsche run...

Buck explained that this is more than a Porsche 944 Turbo; that there is some 968 “DNA” in there, as well.

The Porsche is cooling off between runs

Buck has a partner, Guy, who is both this car’s mechanic & engineer – he has been an immense help!

Guy reviewing engine adjustment details with Buck

Essentially, Buck runs some laps, Guy tweaks this & that, & then Buck tries out the adjustments over the next few laps.  At the end of the day they go home with some lessons learned & improve/rebuild something else.  He told me that the 944/968 platform has been a good starting basis, but they’ve had re-engineer some things.

The "business" area of the Porsche cockpit

Buck strangely said that the 2.8 L engine has been the cheapest part of the whole car – it’s what they’ve been adding to the motor that’s made it special & expensive.  Such as, no water cooling at all; the engine is cooled via an oil cooler!  They are still sorting out the 375 WHP on a dyno.  Eventually he’d like it to achieve 600-700HP!

The much modified Porsche engine bay

Also, to keep the rear transaxle from jockeying around under the pressures of acceleration & braking, they crafted a very sold & good looking bracket brace.  Check it out below…

The well-reinforced rear transaxle - looks factory but it isn't!

Buck is an appliance retail entrepreneur in Corpus Christi.  He tries to work this “race obsession” at whatever opportunities that present themselves.  As an active member of the Coastal Bend Region Porsche Club of America, he has access to good information and regular occasions of local/regional track events.  Being a Porsche owner & wanting to learn to improve your driving performance, it really makes sense to be an active member of your regional PCA.

This Porsche's Pirelli/BBS tire/wheel...

Buck is both very matter-of-fact about his Porsche project’s steady forward progress.  At the same time, he’s doesn’t take himself too seriously to not have fun.  This is relaxing work for him!

Buck @ speed !

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  1. I’ve always love the 944’s, but haven’t ever had a chance to drive one. Would it be possible to get some video of it dancing around a track?

  2. SO the 944 motor you had was a standard 2.5 or 2.7 non turbo or was stock turbo?the reason why I am asking I am planning a 1985 early 944 with a later years 2.5 or 2.7 non turbo and turbo convert it and plan to do the same as you mixing 944 with 968 parts bur planning to reach 500hp but plan to start on 300hp,what can you recommend for me to do I’d really like to know.

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