Racing – A Passion Found & Being Pursued

I have blogged about Brianne Corn a couple of times here:

Good shot of Brianne Corn at Pike's Peak - Summer 2009

Here’s a snippet of a good, in-depth article that just came out today from her hometown newspaper, the Austin American-Statesman:

We all reach a time in our lives when we figure it out. We wander, and stumble, chasing this or that. Then something happens to make us snap to attention. Aha! That’s what I was meant to do.

It happened to Brianne Corn, 40, five years ago when she was driving up a narrow mountain road in Italy with a pack of racers on her bumper. She sped up. Pure exhilaration followed. Her purpose in life became clear: She had to become a race-car driver. It’s a pipe dream for most because of the expense, but Corn, then a broke college student who’d lived much of her life without purpose or direction, knew she would find a way. And she has.

“It’s an internal thing,” she says. “You tell yourself, ‘Dammit, go get the life you’ve always dreamed.’ “

Here’s the link to this good article:  Racer finds her passion behind the wheel

This article was written by Ricardo Gandara – below is another article he published about autocrossing:  A Safe Bet, If It’s Speed You Need

In addition to her focused pursuit of her dream, Brianne is still a wonderful person to talk to.  She’s not too focused on the activities at hand to spend a few moments in pleasant conversation with you.

Brianne ready for her next run - cool helmet!

Racing Ready is proud (& a little jealous) of people like Brianne.  She has made her racing choice in life & is pursuing it full speed ahead!

Keep us in the loop, Brianne…


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