Honda Civic Si Learns Racing Line at H2R

Honda Civic Si emblem...

Running in HPDEs (high performance driver education) events does not require a full stripped out, race-prepped car, like Buck’s Porsche 944 Project.  Many have brought their regular daily drivers, albeit, somewhat modified, but only in a minor way.

The Honda Si in the H2R paddock

Civic Honda Si w/Buck's highly modified Porsche 944 in the background

Kevin is one of those who bring their game along with their “slightly” upgraded daily driver & weekend racer.  He brought his 2008 Honda Civic Si to the SEA Track Attack at Harris Hill Road (H2R) last May.  Here are the few modifications & upgrades he mentioned – there might be more:

  • Ground Control Suspension System at all 4 corners (front & rear suspension camber, with tie bar adjustments)
  • Vibrant Performance header
  • Hondata engine ECU management

Slightly modified Honda Civic Si engine bay

This makes for a sleeper of a car – you’d never know what hit you at a stop light acceleration run!

The Honda Civic Si cockpit

Kevin has also been autocrossing at SPOKES events.  He is trying to get the full car interaction experience with his Honda Civic Si daily driver.  I’m sure his car is fun to drive, having been a former Honda Civic (1993 EX Coupe) owner myself.

Michelin & stock Si rim, tire/wheel combo

Due to the mixed nature of weather at this event, Kevin was able to test & compare his car’s handling in both wet & dry driving situations.  See him below at speed, driving in both!  Talk about versatile…

Kevin @ speed, in both wet & dry!

Racing Ready is wanting to go this direction with Karlino, but am driving it completely stock for now…


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