Wanna Race A GT or LMP? Seriously, For Real!

I found what may be a fast track to authentic racing, beyond the amateur club racing enthusiast’s level!

GT & LMP race cars at Sebring 2009

One of the social networking sites I lurk in is classic car insurance href=”http://linkedin.com” target=”_blank”>LinkedIn (it’s like social networking for business).  I am a member of a racing enthusiast group (within LinkedIn) called NASA Pro Racing.

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An individual named Mike Branan, of that group, recently put out a “Ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a GT or LMP?” solicitation.  Here’s that posting content:

Ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a GT or LMP?

I have seats available in Grand Am – Homestead; and ALMS – Petit and Laguna
Seats are offered via P1 Groupe. Contact me if you are interested.

Grand Am: Homestead
Pontiac GTO-R – 2 seats at $15K each
Pontiac GXP-R – 2 seats at $22,500 each
Porsche 997 – 2 seats at $20K each
BMW M6, 1 seat at $25K (or $30K with test day and insurance)

ALMS: Petit & Laguna
LMP-1 Lola – $85K at Petit, $75K at Laguna
GT-2 Corvette – 2seats at $27,500 each, Petit or Laguna.

FIA license is required.

WOW & Hmmm!  Do you happen to have an FIA license and some spare cash?  If so, subscribe to LinkedIn, join the NASA Pro Racing group, look for Mike through LinkedIn & get ready to go REAL racing.

Interesting they would offer such an opportunity to an individual they don’t know…

Racing Ready is really curious about this -I had NO idea that racing rides were for sale like this!


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