Weekend Car Enthusiasts Open Road Runs

We may not be able to afford the time & availability to attend & participate in local/regional racing venues (or lack thereof).  But we still want to exercise our car’s & our own driving ability.  Well, the open road beckons!  One answer is… the weekend club cruise or drivers’ outing.  It’s a great alternative.

Cruising Row of Miatae...from the Bluebonnet Miata club

Such road driving phenomena can be called by the following: road trip, club cruise, road rally, etc.  They usually occur on Saturdays with a like-minded group of similar car owners, like Miatea, Lotus (Loti ?), Minis, or high performance sports cars in general.  Some are formally coordinated & organized.  Others are not , but put together at the last minute.  The common bond is the camaraderie of getting out on the road as a group, looking to enjoy their cars outside the bounds of the daily commute grind  This is good for “clearing out the pipes”, as they say, of both your car & your brain.

Church of the 3 Sisters run... rain or shine!

The SASCA club did this Cold Motorsport Weekend Activity last January.  It was cold & blustery, and too short – but it was fun!

Pre-cruise lot coordination

As examples, here are some other clubs/groups that do this on a relatively regular basis – these happen to be in our local/regional area:

MINI Fun Drive Lineup...

These activities cover all kinds of outside the city roads & different kinds of road going hardware.  It’s not at all racing of the sort, but many times the limits of speed do go beyond the normal “legal” limit.  The “Three Sisters” runs, which tend to run at these higher limits, deal with this by having their start time very early on Sunday mornings.

It’s all good…

Racing Ready
wants to know – what events, formal or otherwise, do you have access to or have previously participated in?  These are activities that reflect car enthusiasts enjoyment of the open road.


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