Fastest Normally Aspirated Corvette!

Faster Than A Speeding Ticket!

I was able to personally experience the fastest, normally aspirated Corvette (212@MPH!), at last May’s SEA Track Attack, which was conducted at Harris Hill Road (H2R) .

Mike's Corvette ready to make the move from the H2R paddock

Mike's Corvette resting between track runs

Under here is where the power secret resides…

A good display of what makes this car go fast

The license plate says it all!

On this day Mike kept the NOS bottles at home - kind of looks naked!

What with all the dual nitrous oxide (NOS) pluming, from the rear hatch area to the powerplant underhood, how could it not be fast.  For this 2006 Z06 Corvette, the word plumbing is very appropriate.  The owner/driver, Mike, actually IS a plumber.

Here's where all that instant NOS power gets routed

What power can't be utilized is exhausted here - it sounded good!

Mike has upgraded quite a bit to deal with all the increased horsepower that comes suddenly.  Here’s a list:

  • Upgraded radiator
  • Forged bottom end (due to rebuilding this, his second motor)
  • There are 2 (!) separate nitrous oxide (NOS) systems
  • Consequently, there’s a separate fuel system dedicated to the NOS feed
  • Twin oil coolers behind the fog lights
  • Upgraded Wildwood brakes

I wonder if these tires are the same ones Mike uses to achieve those straight line, high speed runs – I doubt it!

Michelin Pilot Sport tires on 19" rims

Here is where all this power is manged, manipulated & analyzed!

Mike's Fast 'Vette cockpit

The naturally aspirated title is basically saying that this vehicle is not turbo-charged.  Besides local drag strips, he’s been out to The Texas Mile at Goliad.  Here’s video proof of being fast, the record breaker, at Goliad:

Even without the added NOS acceleration boost, Mike achieved some good track times in his high speed sessions at Harris Hill Road.

Waiting to roll onto the next track session...

Mike @ speed !

Mike mentioned that besides the awesome acceleration of his car, he REALLY likes the fact that you can race & then simply drive home when your day at the track is over.  I agree that this is an ideal situation – the best of both worlds!

Racing Ready was really impressed by all that underhood plumbing!  Sure would be interesting to experience this rocket of a car with the NOX tanks set up & functioning…


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