Mazda Miata/MX-5 Locator Tool

I found a fellow Miata/MX-5 enthusiast, Peter L., who runs an interesting website called MX-5 Unleashed.  He’s set up a cool “web tool” there to share.  He calls it The Locator.

The Locator

With The Locator you can post your Mazda Miata/MX-5 location with some basic information about you, your car & web-related business promotion data.  Also, it’s not limited to the USA – you can post worldwide locations, too.  Here’s what Peter put up there about Karlino after I submitted my information.

My Locator Posting

All you need to send him is the following data…here:
  • Name: (first name is just fine)
  • Car: (year and name)
  • E-mail: (this is required but will be in *.jpg form so no spammers can contact you)
  • Main Modifications: (let us know what you did to the car)
  • Notes: (like a business you want to promote or a website or anything)
  • Country, City and State: (so you can be located by neighbor MX-5 fans)

In addition to this “web tool”, Peter offers interesting & good, informative articles.  They are nicely done tech & tune articles/videos that all Mazda roadster fans will really appreciate.

Peter said:

Ya, Miata’s get addictive – so much fun & so much you can do with for not too much $$$.

Racing Ready would really like to see fellow Miata/MX-5 enthusiasts post up your information to Peter.  It would be very interesting to see how well we could populate this map.  This goes beyond just Texas, too!  Forward this to ALL your Miata buddies so they can get their info posted up here.

Call to action – populate this!


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