Motorsports Related Weekend Activities – Lots!

Locally, this weekend, there’s something for everyone in the way of amateur motorsports activity.  This is especially true for those wanting to enjoy the cooler weather, and to get off the couch, away from VERSA, ESPN & SPEED.

Racing Couch Potato...

There are 4 different activities to start off your Saturday morning.  Wake up to some good coffee, show off & look at others’ cars.  There’s a Cars & Coffee event at the same location as last month.  It was enjoyable to see a variety of enthusiasts’ cars parked to show off.  It was also interesting to share car talk with their respective owners.

Here’s something for after the Cars & Coffee:

From the British Car Club:

If any other clubs are interested, we’ll be caravanning to the Alamo Area Council of Car Clubs annual picnic in Seguin afterward.  Feel free to pass this invitation along to your respective membership – plan on assembling between 10.30 and 11.00 AM Saturday  morning after Cars and Coffee winds down.

Barbecue Picnic
When:  11.00 AM Caravan Departs, 12.00 Picnic
Where:  Site 1 Pavilion, Nolte Island Park
FM 466 in Seguin

RSVP for catered barbecue, $9.00 per person.
Bag lunches are welcomed if you’d rather bring your own.

Matthew Michael Agee
Principal Executive Director
Alamo City British Car Club

Also on the Saturday morning docket, H2R is hosting a Honda S2000 HPDE (high performance driver education) event at their renowned regional road track facility, Harris Hill Road.  These are some highlights from a similar event from there last year.

Harris Hill Road logo

For those looking for a more formalized car show, there is the Alzafar (Shriner) Car Show.  This event does have an attendance fee.  I’m sure there will be some trailer queens in attendance…here’s the flyer.

On Saturday evening, for you straight line speed fans, there’s ‘Midnight Madness‘ at the San Antonio Raceway (the local drag racing track).  This event runs from 8pm to 2am!  I have yet to attend one of these events.  Essentially it’s drag racing for amateurs – it’s run what you brung to see what it can do.

Midnight Madness - Legal Street Racing

Here’s some thorough info on amateur drag racing provided by my Miata buddy, Craig:

For those who haven’t been down the 1/4 mile before, there are some procedures, rules and etiquette – from the SAR site:

The most important things:
– If you run faster than a 14.00, you need a helmet.  (Slower than that, you need a power adder)
-Convertibles run with the top up unless you have a full cage, suit and arm restraints.  Just run with the top up.
– Tech:  you fill out an info card & they put numbers on your car.  That’s it.
– Do not run your A/C.  Water on the track could cause serious trouble for a high hp car on slicks.  (like death)

-Unless you have over 1200whp, do not do a burnout past the start line.
-Unless you have a dedicated drag car do not drive straight through the water box.  Drive around it then back up if you need to.  Water on track = bad.  See above.
-Wait until the track official tells you to do your burnout – the secret signal is when he does twirly motions with his fingers like he’s winding up the prop on a rubber band airplane.

-There are two yellow staging lights at the top of the tree.  After the burnout proceed forward until the top yellow pre-stage light turns on.   This is the ettiquette:  wait until your opponent lights their top bulb, then roll forward until the second yellow stage light turns on.  When both lanes have both stages lights lit, the starter will start the tree start sequence.

– A Sportsman tree uses three yellow lights sequentially then a green.  There is a .500 second delay between the lights.  For 80% of the population – leave when the last yellow bulb turns on, you will save serious face.
– A Pro tree (probably not going to happen unless you end up in the heads up competition) lights all three yellows simultaneously for .400 sec before the green.

– On the return road there is a shack on the left, they will give you a timeslip with a lot of data on it.  A few feet after that there is a digital scale on the right side.
– In general, the 1/8 mile time X 1.55 = 1/4 mile time.  This means that all time that you cut off of the first 1/8 mile – the first 60′ being the most important – will pay off 1.55x in the 1/4.
– On the launch, dropping the clutch on the rev limiter is generally bad.  Try to slip the clutch for about 10′.  If it bogs increase the launch rpm.  Too much wheelspin then lower the launch rpm.  Duh.
– Based on your weight and mph at the end of the run you can get a calculated (if you believe in that physics stuff) wheel horsepower estimate on your car.
– Reaction time has NOTHING to do with ET but it does have a lot to do with who wins the race.

Sunday will dawn with autocrossing activities, being put on by the Austin-based Texas SPOKES Sports Car Club.  They always do a bang up job of a well-run autocross event.  This autocross will be very busy.  As of this post’s writing, there are 117(!) competitors signed up.  Should be good to see a grand variety of daily drivers to dedicated track cars, & all sorts in between…

Pano of SPOKES AutoX Field (from July 2009 event)

Also, on Sunday morning, if you’d rather stay in town, I found out about the following.  It’s the San Antonio Rodders Annual Custom Car Show.  FREE admission for spectators!

San Antonio Rodders logo

In you area, I’m sure, there is always something going on.  You just need to “plug in” to your local motorsports enthusiasts’ communities.  Internet surfing helps too – I found 2 of these while I was writing this up!

Racing Ready is trying to give you continuous “heads ups” as to what going on that is of interest to you!


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