September Car Enthusiasts Get-Together

Today was another good Saturday morning get-together of like-minded car enthusiasts.  This was the second cars & coffee type of gathering I attended & again, the variety of vehicles represented was both interesting & varied.

One view of the 9/26/2009 coffee-related car get-together...

I did not know that the term “Cars & Coffee” is trademarked & is an officially sanctioned concept that has some major costs involved.  For that reason, I will use the term in lower case from now on…

Another view of the 9/26/2009 coffee-related car get-together...

There were almost 50 cars in attendance, & this time I was glad that I got there at 8:30am.  Thankfully, I was able to get most of my car washing done last night.  I just had to wipe down Karlino‘s tires this morning.  Note the new sticker!

Karlino basking in the early morning sunshineKarlino's new sticker on the front fender!Karlino enjoying the attention of other fans... :-)

In addition to looking around at the broad representation of car marques, I was able to visit with a Corvette enthusiast.  Ed is an influential member of the TCA (Texas Corvette Association).  He coordinates a different  coffee & cars related get-together (Corvettes, Mustangs,  Hotrods, etc.).  I hooked him up with 2 individuals who have had a hand in promoting this event.

The movers & shakers discussing future like-minded events!

This event is a good study in extreme contrasts – with all ages & types of fun cars to see!

From one car enthusiast's extreme to the other...

Racing Ready continues to balance between this blog’s role as as disseminator of local car enthusiasts related event information , as well as racing community interest for the general Internet visitor.  It’s a fine line to tread…


P.S. – Big SPOKES autocross event tomorrow  – 118 competitors registered!!!

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