Anatomy Of An Autocross – Great Video Exposé

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Here is a nicely done overview video of what an autocross is & how it’s run.  This was put together by the Akron Sports Car Club (ASCC) of the Northern Ohio Racing Association (NORA) at Northfield Park, Cleveland-Akron, Ohio.  It’s about 1o minutes long, but well worth it!

This was a very fun looking course, but I think they could have done with fewer cones!  I really liked the variety of elevation changes in that parking lot – never saw that before!  That adds an additional dimension to autocrossing that will challenge you further.

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The Akron Sports Car Club (ASCC) website has some great reference material posted along the right side of the their web page.  This makes for good information for both Novices & experienced autocrossers alike.

Welcome to ASCC!

It’s great to see other worthy autocross information from other parts of the country.

Racing Ready likes it, but in the COLD!?!


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  1. We run from April until the end of October, so we don’t have too many cold days. We appreciate the kind words and feedback. If you are ever in our neck of the woods, please feel free to stop by and join us.

    Marlon Sumlin
    Public Relations Officer

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