Debut Of Motorsports Calendar

Okay, dear readers…I know some of you have been wondering about this.  You have been asking me when & where this event is, & so on…that a calendar would be a good idea.

I couldn’t agree with you more – here’s the Racing Ready Calendar!

October Calendar image

It’s currently located along the Menu Bar Links at the top, currently toward the right, next to the Search box.  It’s location may change in the future…

I will post the links with the best sportsbooks availble at the events that I’m aware of, along with those I trip across during my forays across the Internet.  So for I have 5 color-coded categories:

  • Club Meeting
  • Car Show Event
  • Local/Regional Competition
  • Televised Racing
  • Driving Event – Public Roads
  • High Perf Driver Education (HPDE events)

I will do my best to keep it up to date, but I would really appreciate your input as well!  If you find out about some motorsport enthusiasts related item or event, e-mail me at:

I, & your fellow Racing Ready readers, will really appreciate it!

Thanks, Dan

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