CG-Lock Review: Sit Tighter – Go Faster!

CG-Lock installed

A Reintroduction to the CG-Lock

I used my CG-Lock in my Big White Whale when I autocrossed with it last Fall.  Now, I have already installed it on my “new” 1999 Mazda Miata, Karlino.  It really works to keep you in place, using your feet to work the pedals & not to brace yourself!

But beyond my words & experience, see what the folks at the Evolution Performance Driving School have to say about the CG-Lock:

Reveal the CG-Lock Formula Proven to Make Fast Drivers Faster
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Proven To Make Fast Drivers Faster

Evolution and CG-Lock team up to bring you the

The Evolution Performance Driving School, “Official School of the SCCA’s National Solo Program” for 2009, endorses the CG-Lock and confirms it makes fast drivers faster!

The nationally recognized Evolution Performance Driving School has adopted the CG-Lock as an official sponsor of the School and as the official sponsor of the School’s Phase One Program.  Evolution has endorsed the CG-Lock to help drivers drive better and faster and will promote the CG-Lock at its events, schools and seminars.  The under $50 CG-Lock attaches to most factory installed seatbelts to provide about 80% of the control benefit of a racing harness that results in better car control, less driver fatigue and faster laps.    Evolution teaches all levels of drivers how to autocross and drive better and faster.  The motorsport of autocrossing is performed mainly with daily driver cars that have the original factory installed seatbelts.

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Having the proper tool will always help – for autocross (as well as for HPDEs & road racing), the GC-Lock is one of those few tools.  Doing autocross well (as in any learned activity) is an ongoing, lifelong pursuit.  Like the Evolution Performance Driving School‘s tagline says, it’s about “educating autocrossers, one second at a time“!  They offer a thorough program…check them out to really improve your driving.

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