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An Introduction to Autocross
By Jason Helferich

Autocross is a form of racing that not many people outside the sport know about. This overlooked motorsport is quickly gaining popularity because of its unique blend of competition and affordability. Autocross events are time trial competitions in which there is no wheel-to-wheel racing involved, meaning that there is only one car on the track at a time. Competing vehicles are not racing against each other on the track; therefore, each driver races the course against the clock, not against other cars on the track. The winners are determined by the vehicles that complete the course with the quickest time.

Autocross is a great starting point for someone looking to get into becoming a race car driver.  Click for the rest of this article, here…

That last line, above, is EXACTLY why I support & promote autocross, and have a passion for continuing this blog.  Like me, I feel you may want to become a race car driver!

For further detailed information about getting started in autocross, the following sites are excellent resources to keep as additional reference material:

This article is meant for you to really learn what autocross is all about.  If you didn’t read it now, make the time & go back to read it later.  You will thank me later for providing this authoritative information.

This is one of the reasons for my publishing & your reading Racing Ready!


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