Grassroots Motorsports $2009 Challenge

At the last SPOKES autocross, I met 2 guys who brought out some unlikely autocross competition vehicles.  These guys, Adam & Jim, have been wrenching on their respective entries, a 1989 Dodge Aries & a 1989 Ford Festiva, over time.  These have been both on again, off again projects that have been more than a year in duration.

Grassroots Motorsports $2009 Challenge

They are both competitors preparing for the Grassroots Motorsports $2009 Challenge, put on by the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine (GRM).  For both, this was the first time these vehicles were in real competiton mode – it was a “see what works & doesn’t” shakedown session.

The 10th anuual GRM competion is, in brief, as follows: You purchase a car & prepare it for no more than $2009 – total.  There are 3 areas of competition:

  • Autocross
  • Drag Race
  • Concours

Here’s a list of the awards:

  • First, second and third overall
  • First, second and third fastest drag times
  • First, second and third best autocross times
  • First, second and third best concours scores
  • Most spectacular failure
  • Garret Jenkins Memorial Best Engineered
  • Phil Kime Memorial Spirit of the Event
  • Highest finishing car under $1000
  • Highest finishing classic car (pre-1973, unless car in same basic form was available later)
  • Editors’ choice
  • First “perfect” or best reaction time at the drags
  • Best underhood detailing
  • Best visual package
  • Challengers’ Choice (voted on by the competitors)
  • Best attempt to persuade concours judges
  • Worst attempt persuade concours judges
  • Top-finishing Locost or Kit Type Car. Must be road-worthy and will be scored as an exhibition for the purpose of the rest of the results.
  • Longest drive  (a competitor must drive the entire way in their car, not tow it)
  • Top-finishing team

As I type this, Adam & Jim (& crew) are now on the road from the San Antonio, TX area to Gainesville, FL.  What’s in it for them?  Simply the chase of the hunt, the challenge to work within constaints & the remote chance to win!

Tomorrow, I plan to share with you specific details of these 2 guys’ steeds…
Till then, Racing Ready sees this as a real challenge of budget racing!


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