Cars With Coffee & Real Vintage Iron

Yesterday morning dawned cool & cloudy, but with no chance of rain.  I followed through on participation in the “other” cars & coffee monthly get-together, the American Iron version.  This is usually supposed to consist of Corvettes, Mustangs & Hotrods, among others.  Well, none of those were there & I was 25% of the turnout!  Only 4 of us showed; 2 Viper GTS models, a Triumph TR6 & Karlino.

The whole Cars & Coffee field this day...disappointing!

My friend John was there with his ever clean 1997 Viper GTS.

John's Viper GTS, posing... :-)

John had invited Chris to bring his Viper GTS, a 1996 model, along with his young son Nick (thanks John!).  Those Vipers, in my favorite shade of metallic blue, looked SO cool!

Paired Vipers!

Then Tom showed up with his clean 1970 Triumph TR6.  He’s had it about 6 or so years.

Tom's Triumph TR6 lined up with the rest of us

He decided to go in this direction after dismantling a Corvette to restore & then realizing this just wasn’t what he wanted to do.  The Triumph is better fit with what Tom wants to do to enjoy a car.

TR6 & other British Racing graphics

Among, I’m sure many other things, here’s what he’s done:

  • Tuned up the inline 2.5L 6 cylinder with 3 matched sets of Weber carbs (he’s not sure what the car’s current HP output is, he’s never dyno’d it)
  • Rear shocks upgrade (in place of the original rear swing arm assembly suspension)
  • And for looks, the matched pair of louvers on the hood (he’s says purists scoff at this modification from an old Camero, but he’s happy with the look – I agree!)

Tom's 1970 TR6 showing the hood eye candy...

Anyway, I had gotten there just after 8AM and since no one but us 4 showed up, we all left by 9AM.  Too bad…disappointing!

Our C&C grouping before we departed...

In pleasant contrast to the above event, I got a special treat on my way home from the low attendance C&C.  Instead of taking the highway back, I decided to take the more interesting side streets.  I was rewarded with some true, really vintage American iron.

At a corner store gas station there were 3 nicely cared for old classics:

  • a circa 1919 Hudson Touring Convertible

Circa 1919 Hudson Touring Convertible

  • a majestic 1929 Packard 8 Dual Cowl Phaeton

Majestic 1929 Packard 8 Dual Cowl Phaeton, with the older Hudson

  • and a sweet circa 1931 Pierce-Arrow, 2-door Sedan/Coupe[?]
    (I love those signature headlights blended into the fenders – that was their trademark look & very easily identifiable from a distance)

Sweet circa 1931 those headlights!

The owners & their significant others were bundled up to deal with the cold.  But they looked very content to slowly motor away, to enjoy another day.  All the passersby gave admiring glances, in recognition of good times gone by.  They were SO much more interesting than the standard traffic review.

Vintage traffic, en route...damn those tires are skinny!

I’ve always had a sweet spot for old cars, ever since I was a kid.  This was a special treat to make up for the lack of more recent America iron at the lackluster cars & coffee event.  Racing Ready enjoys all vintage iron, American or otherwise.


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